Web of Trust (WOT) Add-on taken down by Chrome & Firefox

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  1. Roy Batty

    Damn like that ? No apology ?. no explanation ? . Whats really going on ?.

  2. Plutia

    you expect an apology? they got rich off your data and they’re walking off scot-free.

  3. Billy Montgomery

    well they say this will fix all your problemes but what they dont tell you is that you better have your wallit out and redy to hand out cash .Now i feel that a repair that they make for their systems then we should get them for free since we do spend a lot of cash on other thing that we need to gett thier stuff to run the way we need it to

  4. Alberto Gorin

    heard it or read it befor

  5. Susan Lehmann

    So…… what do I use now?

  6. EJocys

    Looks like same apology form is used by many:
    We take [insert_thing_not_taken_seriously] very seriously.

  7. Thomas Maher

    What do i do now? Been ussing it for yrs and still got it installes

  8. Uninstall it now. You may install it again once they release an update that addresses this issue.

  9. Thomas Maher

    What can I use instead? I need this plugin to help protect me from those fake bad websites when I do research or search for drivers

  10. Thomas Maher

    thank you. I disabled it will that still leave me infected or will I have to actually remove it?

  11. Thomas Maher

    I am using comodo dragon browser

  12. Thomas Maher

    suprizing wot back up and if i never tried to get it that day find out about this then i would have never known

  13. Nakano15

    After that, the program should be renamed to Web of Lie.

  14. Yeah, it looks like the “Web Of Trust” was not being very trustworthy. Best not to use it all. Only two things in this world we can trust … and that is we have to pay our taxes and some day the undertaker will take care of us.

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