Windows 10 downloader for Windows 7 and 8.1 arrives in an update

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  1. Thanks for this tip…I read email off an Acer laptop w/Windows7 Home 64 bit; I went straight to System32 and there it was: the same GWX files you mentioned! It shows added “3/27/2015 at 12.32PM”, file version 6.3.9600.17738. Can this be removed?

  2. Just fetched the update on a Windows 7 SP1 box and had a look at the files found inside the GWX hidden folder using a tool called resHacker ( and… well, the critter seems to just be an advertising shim to nag the users to install Windows 10 and nothing more; if you’re curious, just pick the above tool and have a look at the GWX.exe stringtables (look at the 1033 ones) and version infos and you’ll see it by yourself

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