WordPress starts adding noopener noreferrer tags automatically

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  1. Hello, I have seen this happening too. Do you know if the noreferrer attribute affects affiliate links? I mean will the affiliate links be tracked with the rel=”noreferrer” ?

  2. The
    noreferrer tag prevents the target sites from tracking your visits. Now I am not sure about this, but since the links will drop Cookies, I think the Affiliates will be able to track your sales.

  3. Just noticed that in an old post updated today. I appreciate your article as i was searching Bing for ‘noopener noreferrer’ and your article came up first. Wonder why WordPress did that? Sure to get penalized as Google will think the link points to a dark-net site or worse.

  4. Hello, thanks for such valuable information. Is the ‘noreferrer’ tag equivalent to the ‘nofollow’ tag? I am asked to add nofollow tags when I am reviewing products or writing sponsored (paid) posts.


  5. No, the tags are different. Nofollow tells search bots to not follow the link. Noreferrer tells the browser to not collect HTTP referrer information when the link is visited.

  6. When I source articles in my posts, I like to have the links open in a new window. But I do want to link with “do follow” as these sources I link to are reputable websites. So is there anything wrong with the target=”_blank” + the rel=”noopener noreferrer” in this regard? Or should I just remove the open in a new window altogether?

  7. I’m really concerned about the affiliate sales. Because some affiliate platforms might need the referring url to get details regarding the user that sent the sale, in case the sale will not fire directly on their platform.

  8. Use WordPress plugin ‘NoFollow Link’ by Alex Jose (Ginger Codes). One should use noopener only along with target=”_blank” to prevent Reverse Tabnabbing.

  9. I use “_blank” for all the links whether internal or external. What in this case nofollow or noopener…or both can be possible in same link…?

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