SkyDrive has 1 billion Office documents; to now allow editing without signing in!

SkyDrive reached a big milestone. Its users are now storing over a billion Office documents on SkyDrive! Announcing this today, Sarah Filman, a Lead Program Manager on SkyDrive also announced a very useful feature addition in SkyDrive and the Office Web Apps, that allows a more seamless sharing and editing experience for the customers. Sarah too had helped in bringing this new feature.


If you have used the new Office, you’ll be knowing that saving the document to SkyDrive and getting the link, to share it with others is made very easy. Now with today’s update, its become much more easy to share and edit documents in the Office Web Apps, by not requiring them to sign in with their Microsoft account.

One of the constant feedback SkyDrive received was – it was very frustrating using the present edit links by its recipients when they need to sign-in or even sign-up for a Microsoft Account just to make a quick edit to document. Now with today’s update, recipients can just click on the link and edit document, reports the SkyDrive Blog. Whoever receives the edit link can edit the document. If you want more control specifying who can access the document, you can specify their mail address and can check the ‘require sign-in’ check box.

This is surely a useful update making sharing and collaborating with others a quicker and more seamless experience.

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  1. Outlook and MS rock. leave Gmail & Google Drive.

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