10 years of OneDrive: Microsoft OneDrive celebrates its 10th birthday

10 years back, Microsoft launched its sophisticated file-hosting cloud service that soon became one of the most popular online services. Yes, Microsoft OneDrive is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year. The 10 years of OneDrive have been a great experience for its users. OneDrive has certainly helped people to be more organized and productive. With the help of Microsoft OneDrive, users are able to better collaborate with each other when it comes to file sharing and using any device to access those.

10 years of OneDrive

Stephen Rose from Microsoft highlights the magnificent journey of 10 years of OneDrive in his blog.

“In 2007, we set out on a journey to make sharing and file management easier in the cloud, to enable people to securely store and access their photos and files from anywhere, on any device. Today, hundreds of millions of users store and share their most important photos, documents, and media from OneDrive. We are humbled by your adoption of our work and excited to continue the journey with you and deliver experiences that are even more collaborative, intelligent, and secure.”

10 years of OneDrive

Over the past 10 years of OneDrive, the online file hosting and sharing service has become an integral part of lives of many users. With the help of OneDrive, users can access their files and photos from anywhere. Besides, users can also stay organized. In the 10 years of OneDrive, this Microsoft service also saw some functional advancements in recent times; for example, when OneDrive got collaborated with Office 365. With the combination of OneDrive and Office 365, users got the power to work productively and collaborate securely.

A collaborative work environment is one of the most important advantages that come with the usage of OneDrive. The files, photos, and documents can be stored and accessed easily on OneDrive. Users can easily share a photo album with family or work together on an assignment or even co-create a sales presentation with colleagues.

In the past 10 years of OneDrive, more than 115 million customers including 85% of the Fortune 500 have joined and used OneDrive. Many companies across the globe trust OneDrive for their most important documents and content. Recent OneDrive Statistics show that the usage of OneDrive for Business has more than doubled in the last year alone.

Microsoft has made sure that OneDrive becomes more collaborative, intelligent and more secure for its users. During the 10 years of OneDrive, Microsoft releases more than 100 features that enable various consumer and business scenarios. Some of these scenarios include new sync client and increased file size support. OneDrive also supports viewers for over 270 different file types including DICOM, AI, PSD. PDF, Visio, and more. Besides, it also provides expanded version history support to all file types, iMessaging sharing, intelligent search powered by Microsoft Graph, new photo intelligence features, Microsoft Flow, and improved sharing and collaboration functionality across Mac, iOS, Android, Web, and Windows.

Upcoming features in OneDrive

Stephen Rose also mentioned the upcoming features of OneDrive in his blog. Microsoft recently released the preview for OneDrive Files On-Demand. This is a new feature of OneDrive that will come to the users later this year. Besides, Microsoft has plans to release new mobile features, innovative ways to manage and secure the content, and smarter ways to make sharing and collaboration better than ever.

Not only the 10 years of OneDrive; but the upcoming future of this online service is certainly bright and full of innovative features.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is distributing cool OneDrive T-shirts. Read how to enroll for this contest and win the T-shirts on Microsoft Tech Community.

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