27 million new strains of malware were created in 2012 – Panda

According to the most recent PandaLabs Annual Report, 27 million new strains of malware were created in 2012. The report comes before us after conducting a thorough survey over security issues, ranging from mobile malware to cyber-war that happened in the year 2012.

Panda Security

PandaLabs Annual Report – 2012

The report outlines and details 3 main issues.

  1. 27 million new malware strains found in 2012, at an average of 74,000 new samples per day
  2. Three out of every four malware infections were caused by Trojans
  3. China, South Korea and Taiwan are the world’s most infected countries

Statistically speaking, of the total population of malware circulating in 2012, over 76% were Trojans. That apart, 11% were worms, viruses (9%), and Adware (2%). And as highlighted above, maximum malware-infected computers that were found in the year were of China, South Korea and Taiwan. Other malware hit areas included regions of Turkey, Honduras, Bulgaria, Bolivia, Israel, Slovakia and Poland.

The report apart from providing a review of 2012, made some interesting predictions and forecasting for this year on topics such as social networks, Windows 8, growth of malware, malware for mobile devices, vulnerabilities and Mac malware.

Here’s a short description of it:

Cyber-espionage and cyber-war will also be on the rise, as more and more countries are organizing their own cyber-commando units. There is growing concern for the information that could be compromised and the possibility of using malware to launch direct attacks on critical infrastructure.

Companies will have to tighten up security measures to avoid falling victim to the increasing number of cyber-attacks, while special care will have to be taken to protect networks against operating system and application vulnerabilities, with Java posing the biggest threat due to its multiple security flaws.”

Source: Panda Security Press release.

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  1. Since the study is conducted by Panda, the figures are maybe over estimated: “27 million new malware strains found in 2012”, seems huge to me.

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