2nd generation Surface Tablets to debut next month?

If sources are to be believed, then we may see the next generation of Microsoft’s Surface tablets released in the next month. The current version of Surface RT tablets is already launched in countries like Malaysia and will be launched in Mexico by end of May. Microsoft was able to sell nearly 1.5 million units of the first generation Surface tablets since the time  of its launch. Out of 1.5 million units, 1 million were Surface RT, while rest of the 500,000 units were of Surface Pro. Microsoft had expected its Surface tablets’ sale to be around 3-4 million units, but was able to achieve only half of the number. May be, this is the driving force behind the launch of second generation Surface tablets.

Surface tablet

The second generation Surface tablet will flaunt 7-9 inches screen. This is not exactly what you commonly see in the tablets created by Microsoft. However, the increasing popularity of 7-9 inches screens has triggered Microsoft to produce such tables as well. However, with such dimensions, Microsoft will have to compete with the vendors who make the similar tablets at much cheaper prices.

Though, the current sale of Microsoft tablets was nearly half of what was expected at the beginning; it still managed to pull Windows 8 devises to the 5th place among other tablet producers.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro became popular due to its amazing features. Microsoft promoted Surface as the ‘powerful PC in tablet form’. It weighs only 2 lbs. It flaunts Intel® Core™ i5 processor. This makes it compatible with a vast range of software and peripherals. Users can choose from Surface RT and Surface Pro, according to their needs. There are number of apps available for Surface, with which you can update your tablet. There are new updates available for Calendar, Mail and People.

surface tabletSurface tablet is an excellent choice for your business as well. Surface RT is capable of using cloud-based, on-the-go apps. Its accessories consist of Touch Cover and Type Cover. These two double as a protective screen cover and offer speed and comfort. These covers are available in different colors and designs.

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