3 million downloads WordPress; 100 million plugin downloads & counting

WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms there is! And they have proved it time and again ! This time, WordPress 3.0 has completed 3 million downloads  on July 1st. WordPress plugin downloads have  have completed 100 million downloads !

The WordPress community has seen tremendous growth over years and is still growing. People at WordPress are currently focusing more on improving WordPress.org. One of the most important part will be to improve the  infrastructure of the WordPress plugins directory.  There are about 10,000 plugins available, all of them are GPL compatible and absolutely free !

“The WordPress community’s growth over the years has been tremendous, and we want to reinvest in it. So we’re taking the next two months to concentrate on improving WordPress.org. A major part of that will be improving the infrastructure of the plugins directory. More than 10,000 plugins are in the directory, every one of them GPL compatible and free as in both beer and speech. “

Here’s what WordPress has in mind:

We want to provide developers the tools they need to build the best possible plugins. We’re going to provide better integration with the forums so you can support your users. We’ll make more statistics available to you so you can analyze your user base, and over time we hope to make it easier for you to manage, build, and release localized plugins. We’re also going to experiment with other great ideas to help the community help plugin authors. We want it to be easy for you to offer comments to plugin authors and the community, including user reviews and better feedback.

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