A Nokia phone that will stand up on its own to alert you !

The Nokia Kinetic is a magical “concept” mobile phone that makes receiving a call, text, or email more playful by converting digital information into kinetic movement. So basically, for incoming notification, the phone will spontaneously stand up.

To dismiss a call, the user can simply give the phone a gentle tap, causing it to fall back down again and return to standby mode.

British designer, Jeremy Hopkins is the man behind this concept phone.

If you look at it from the front, it looks like a blend of an iPhone and Nokia N81.

If you are wondering how the phone will stand up on its own, the designer says that it can be done because of the electromagnet that shifts the weight of the phone and hence results in the phone standing upright.

Hope it sees the light of the day !

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  1. Tangmeister

    It’s cute. It makes me think of it as some sort of digital pet…

    *realizes how sad this is*

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