Acer exec: Surface launch will be a “Hard Meal” for Microsoft

Microsoft launched the much-anticipated Surface tablet 10 days back. There has been a great response from the customers as tons of pieces of the tablet has already been sold out. The whole tech community wholeheartedly praised Microsoft’s decision of entering the hardware field with its own tablet.

While some of the OEM partners said that they didn’t care about this decision of Microsoft, others preferred to remain silent. However Acer has been criticizing the decision of Microsoft from day one. Adding to this an Acer executive recently said that Microsoft shouldn’t have launched themselves in the Hardware market and it will turn to be a Hard Meal for them.

The latest comments come from Greater China president Lin Xianlang, who further said that this move of Microsoft will create a tough competition against the company’s own vendors, which is obviously not a good situation for Microsoft.

It looks like Acer is not happy at all with the decision of Microsoft and they are seeing it as a threat to their own products. Instead of coming up with better products, they are trying to attack Microsoft with their harsh comments. And this is something not new at all. Their executives have attacked Microsoft’s decision in the past as well.

However Lin Xianlang said that Windows 8 will be a big hit. He further said that Windows 8 will change the competitive dynamics of the industry by allowing Windows PC makers to take back ground from Apple and Google. He expects Windows 8 to help Acer’s prospects to rise next year.

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