Acer President: We are taking a Wait-and-watch approach with Windows 8

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  1. The comment stating that Windows 8 came out in the 4th quarter giving Acer little time to promote their devices is dead wrong. The world knew about and tested Windows 8 for more than a year.

    In fact, Acer has one of the nicest new Windows 8 devices out in the Aspire S-7. I have it and love it. They are on top of the pack and are in a great position to be a leader in this new emerging market of Windows 8 designed machines.

    What a thoughtless thing to say from a clueless leader running a major company.

    Great job Microsoft on your design, innovation and care for legacy customers. The rest of the world will applaud what you have done. Humans are change resistant by nature and therefore blinded by the present.

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