Alcatel announces Plus 10, a Windows 10 powered 2-in-1 Device with LTE keyboard support

It looks as if Windows 10 powered 2-in-1 devices are generating real attention among the manufacturers now a days. The recent to join the group is Mobile developing company Alcatel. At the on-going, Mobile World Congress 2016, Alcatel announced its first hybrid device, Plus 10, which is a Windows 10 powered 2-in-1 Device with built in LTE keyboard support.

Alcatel Plus 10

Build on the similar lines of Microsoft Surface Tablets, Alcatel Plus 10 is a 10″ Windows 10 device. Its smaller size compared to other Hybrid devices, makes it more of a conventional Tablet with a keyboard support.

This is what Vittorio Di Mauro, ALCATEL’s General Manager of Smart Connectivity, has to say at the launch,

“PLUS 10 is ALCATEL’s first 2-in-1 device with Windows 10, and we’re very proud of all the functionality we’ve built into it. The Windows 10 operating system and quad-core Intel processor make it a powerful tool for productivity on the go.”

Alcatel Plus 10 specifications

Alcatel first ever 2-in-1, Plus 10, has a 1280 x 800 IPS display with a quad-core 1.97 GHz Intel Atom Z8350 chipset. The device builds on a rather ordinary, 2 GB of RAM with 32 GB of storage. What comes as a disappointment is that the memory is expandable only up to 64 GB with a MicroSD card.

The Alcatel Plus 10 tablet has stereo speakers on the front. Camera Geeks would be disappointed with just a 2MP selfie camera at the front and a 5MP camera on the back.

On the connectivity front, Plus 10 fares better with its keyboard dock having a standard USB slot, micro USB slot and a micro HDMI slot on the board. The full-sized USB port on the keyboard dock, can be utilized to connect to external accessories like a hard drive, mouse, USB key, secondary screen and more. The device comes equipped with a double battery when used with the 4G LTE keyboard, and can last a full 8-hours.

The LTE antenna located in the keyboard dock can connect up to 15 devices via Wifi hotspot. Although, this feature is absent when the device is used in the Tablet mode.

The Plus 10 will be offered in metallic silver, matte white, matte volcano black and a warm gray leather finish when it debuts this June.  The device is slated to launch in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa with a price band of around $349.

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