All editions of Windows 10 will now get Windows 10 S

Recently, the Windows team disclosed its plans for Windows 10 S on Twitter. According to these tweets, Windows 10 in S mode will be offered to all Windows 10 editions very soon. You will now be to buy a new Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro PC with S mode enabled. Commercial customers will be able to deploy Windows 10 Enterprise with S mode enabled.

Windows 10 S

What is Windows 10 S?

Windows 10 S is the new version of Windows 10 operating system that was introduced last year. Windows 10 S was first introduced for Surface laptop and the OS was mainly designed, keeping students and teachers in mind. However, Microsoft has now decided to introduce Windows 10 in S mode for all editions of Windows 10 devices.

Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President of Windows mentions about Windows 10 S in his blog:

“… (Windows 10 S is) an effort to provide a Windows experience that delivers predictable performance and quality through Microsoft-verified apps via the Microsoft Store. This configuration was offered initially as part of the Surface Laptop and has been adopted by our customers and partners for its performance and reliability.”

Windows 10 S coming to all editions

Joe mentions about Windows 10 in S mode,

“Based on that feedback, we are simplifying the experience for our customers. Starting with the next update to Windows 10, coming soon, customers can choose to buy a new Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro PC with S mode enabled, and commercial customers will be able to deploy Windows 10 Enterprise with S mode enabled.”

He further mentions,

“We hope this new approach will simplify and make it possible for more customers to start using Windows in S mode: a familiar, productive Windows experience that is streamlined for security and performance across all our editions.”

Since Windows 10 in S mode has several new features, it is expected that Windows 10 users will enjoy this new experience. However, Windows team has made sure that customers can choose whether they would opt for Windows 10 in S mode or not. In case, certain users don’t wish to use the S mode, they can switch out of it without paying any additional charges. And this will be same, irrespective of their Windows 10 edition.

The new Windows 10 devices with S mode will be available in the coming months.

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