Amazon launches Home Services

Amazon the biggest e-tailer on the planet launched Amazon Home Services on Monday, a handpicked marketplace for household chores and services. The list includes an array of services ranging from Tech Support to Goat grazing.

Amazon Home Services


Amazon Home Services is a new way to buy and schedule local professional services such as furniture assembly, house cleaning and lawn care directly on Amazon.

Hand Picked approved local Professionals. Upfront Pricing, Happiness Guarantee, Real Reviews and Consistency in services is what Home service offers!

“We have 85 million Amazon customers who have shopped for products this past year that often require a service afterwards – things like TVs, toilets, and sinks.” said Peter Faricy, Vice President for Amazon Marketplace.

Amazon has already opened its first brick and mortal store. The launch of Amazon Home Services indicates that the company wants to come closer face-to-face with its customer and not just provide online retail services.

This should bring tough competition for the other companies who are providing similar services offline, as each job offered in Amazon Home Services, comes with an upfront pricing.

Amazon has decided to take Home Services to the next level by providing a  Happiness Guarantee, which ensures that you get a full refund, if you are not satisfied. This will ensure the services are of highest quality.

The official website mentions that the services has been launched in the lower 48 states and will soon be available all over the United States.

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