Andrew Kim of ‘Next Microsoft Logo’ Fame Hired By Microsoft

Microsoft may have unveiled its actual new logo months ago, but that doesn’t mean the software giant didn’t take note of the portfolio of the curious designer – Andrew Kim. The talented designer via his creative work showed how the company should have rebranded.

Months after, we learn his work has earned him a job at Microsoft. In a post on his website (minimally minimal), Vancouver raised Kim confirmed that he would officially be a part of the company somewhere late this summer. He hasn’t revealed much details about the job at Microsoft but said he would be involved in a project in the company’s Xbox division.


The man who shot to fame after getting noticed for his creative designs (Next Microsoft logo) and receiving a lot of attention over Internet confirmed he was approached by many major companies to work for however, he stuck to most preferred choice – Microsoft!

He said,

But when it came time to make my final decision, I wanted to work at a place I can really get excited about. Working at a company is like getting married, it becomes a fundamental part of your life. I want to work with awesome people on awesome projects that I can get excited about. If you’ve been watching Microsoft over the past year, it’s been exciting, regardless of what your ecosystem preference is.

Furthermore, he said that previously announced collaboration with Microsoft would remain as a secret since the company acquired the project’s IP. Whatever the case may be, he has done a brilliant work in creating the next Microsoft logo as a part of his personal experiment.

Interested readers, can check out his work on his website.

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