Android, iOS likely to get Microsoft Office in 2013

November 2012 is quite interesting and exciting for the Android users around. After getting two luxury Android devices Google Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 Tablet, there is now a special version of Microsoft Office being planned for the Android and iOS users.

MS Office for android

According to a statement made by Microsoft’s Czech Republic subsidiary, the productivity suite of this special version of MS Office is expected to arrive by May 2013 for Android platform and even sooner in March 2013 for iOS platform.

However none of such plans are yet officially announced by Microsoft, but the tittle-tattle around is saying that Microsoft Office will be first provided as free application with iOS and Android devices.

This special free version of Microsoft Office will include Excel, PowerPoint and Word. All that users have to do is to create a Microsoft account to use this free version of Microsoft Office.

As every free thing come with a glitch, there is a glitch with this offer as well. All the Microsoft apps will be limited to read-only. Users can’t make any changes to the spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations or Word documents. The editing functions are limited in the basic MS Office Suite.

Users looking for complete functionality of MS Office on their Android or iOS devices will have to purchase a subscription. This subscription of Office 365 would also be available for sale for the corporate houses, for their employees.

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