Antivirus creator John McAfee launches Cyber Party, enters Presidential Race

The presidential race in 2016 might be a bit surprising with the entry of John MacAfee in presidential elections 2016 candidates. John MacAfee, the founder of software firm McAfee has already filed the paperwork with Federal Election commission and is all set to run for US President under his lately announced political party, Cyber Party.

Soon after giving his official statement to the press, the software creator launched an official campaign website  The website includes the details about How to Vote, Donate to help the campaign, and to volunteer and stand with John McAfee. The home page of his official campaign website shows a video where John talks as a critique of the government and its powers.

Being an internet person John believes in cyber science and power of technology and feels that the US is illiterate on the fundamental technology despite of the fact that how it supports our lives.

McAfee believes that the existing government is absolutely dysfunctional and distrustful and has been intruding the public’s privacy.

“My intention to run came from my perception that we’re living in a dysfunctional government, dysfunctional for a number of reasons,” says John McAfee in his statement.

Mr. McAfee reportedly is still not sure about his candidacy as one of his interviews state that,

“I personally am still in a quandary about whether to run myself or find someone else for my party, my advisors are pressing me to run.”

For those who don’t know, John McAfee who will be turning 70 this week has been deported to the United States after illegally entering Guatemala while on the lam in the year 2012 and was also once arrested on charges of driving under the influence in Tennessee.

While his official Twitter handle is full of his tweets about his candidacy in Presidential elections, the gentleman has created a new Twitter handle especially for his @mcafee2016 (McAfee for President). Do follow the handle to stay updated about all his recounted plans and changes in the US Government.

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  1. Dan

    True, the USA Constitution does require a certain amount of constant USA or territorial residency by the time any candidate for President would take oath of office; as with any candidate for any office, anyone thinking they’re qualified should try, and after any established petitioning objection process voters can decide who, if anyone, they think can best actually even halfway deliver on popular dreams.

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