App Developer Hackathon coming in October 2011

Didn’t the Yahoo Open Hack 2011 satisfy your ‘hacking‘ appetite? Or is there more that your fingers want to engross themselves in by repeatedly banging on the keyboard with full vigor as you proceed towards your next hack? If yes, then say Hello to the App Developer Hackathon 2011, to be conducted by Engage Digital in October 2011.

I am just a beginner. How can I be a part of this Hackathon?”. Well you or anyone from a noob to a code-guru can take part if you happen to arrange your travel in order to reach Santa Clara Convention Center, CA on 26th October 2011.

For beginners, there shall be introductory classes at the Bootcamp and for professional developers, the day-long Hackathon event will bring many-a-pleasures to them in the form of learning new skills, building interesting mobile apps, submitting hacks and vying for prizes.

A coding guru may actually take a break from his constant typing (say ‘hacking’) and demonstrate you a few skills if you carry the placard of a ‘beginner’. In short, newbies get to learn a lot from the seasoned developers and the latter get to benefit hugely by being a part of this geeky mobile app development community.

To be based on Windows Phone 7 and other emerging mobile platforms, this Hackathon is a part of the App Developer Conference that runs from October 26-27, 2011.

Where to register? The official page for this conference has all the required information, including registration.

So what now?

Nothing! Start hacking. 🙂

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