Apple iPad tablets losing market share to Surface device in U.S. government

Apple is losing market share to Microsoft in the U.S. government according to the latest report. Apparently, the government is replacing several of its Apple iPads with Surface tablets, a move that should bode well for the software giant.

Back in 2012, Apple had a whopping 98 percent market share in the U.S. government, but things have changed quickly as now that market share slipped to 61 percent as of 2015. We understand that Microsoft has managed to hit the 25 percent mark since the release of its first Surface tablet back in 2012.


Microsoft products are used mainly in the Army, Air Force, Justice, Navy, DOI, and DHS. These sections of the government is also where Apple has the most market share, but usage is declining on a rapid pace.

The reasons why Surface devices are being adopted by the U.S. government includes their hybrid capability, and the increased productivity given by Windows 10. Surface devices can easily be transformed from a tablet to a laptop on the fly, the Surface Book more so.

“While government agencies, especially DoD, have solicited solutions from Silicon Valley, commercial products must adapt to Federal needs where proven Microsoft operating platforms dominate when agencies focus on mobility and security,” according to the study.

We’re not sure if the arrival of the iPad Pro will fix things, but seeing as it is just an Apple tablet that is powered by the same mobile operating system, iOS. This operating system is not in the same class as Windows 10, an operating system designed for both desktop and mobile.

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  1. Deport Now

    You forgot to mention that Microsoft is giving away the Surface Pro — that’s the primary reason that Apple is loosing share. Microsoft products are being used by the US government, DoD, and other key intelligence groups. The fear is that the OS code is not written in the US, it’s written in India. Given the poor quality of code that is being produced, this is clearly a threat to national security.

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