Avast acquires Piriform, the developers of CCleaner

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  1. Crippled by UK State goons

    I ran it before going to update to Windows 10.
    But, some things it cannot fix….. Such as the install has been ongoing, non-stop, for FIVE WHOLE DAYS (& nights), BECAUSE, without my knowing, the running language of my PC (English) is different to the install language of the USB/update Microsoft key, of Windows 10.
    I found out, but would need to destroy the current update/SSD install, to try something else… and I just know all my install and files will collapse into a Microsoft heap of BSoD the moment I stop the 120 hour install time I am at already.

    Oh,…. and as for Ccleaner…. a couple of points to note…
    1) If you buy it, you Should be able to use on any PC you own. Transferable. But with limits according to the year yo bought it (regarding limits to updates).
    2) The recovery/undo function for REGISTRY changes should be within the program (on a fully accessible mini-screen), at all times until you have had time to test a few things.
    3) The price should be set to one where its affordable to most people (for instance, just under $10 or $20 depending on the Edition [and Extra features]).

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