Avast Free Antivirus 2016 now includes Avast Passwords

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  1. jjstccean

    Avast is system and resource hugger. Won’t use it, won’t recommend it either.

  2. Alberto Gorin

    sound good what i read above since you won t recommend

  3. Ed

    Anyway to get Passwords without having to use Avast! AV?

  4. Jeff Parr

    Avast Passwords is very bad. Hogs system (mine is: win8.1, 8GB RAM, Quadx2.4 Intel, SSD main disk). I allowed it to delete passwords from browsers assuming it will copy them into its own. Wrong!!! It tried to delete them for 10 minutes and failed. I also fails to fill-in passwords. On Firefox, to fill in password, it required FF native password fill-in function to be active, otherwise fails. It is a really a POS at this stage. Avoid using it … until they fix it.

  5. kimdy62

    As far as being a resource hog? Mine is running right now, virus scanning, on my system (Win10, 16GB Ram, Quadx4 Intel, and 3 SSD Disks), v17.2.3419.0. I have had it running since downloaded June of 2014. Having read the comments below, thought I’d take a look, while it was scanning, and golly! It’s hogging the whole system! Oh, MY God! Not. The Task Manager usage on mine, while in the middle of a system scan, is: 0.01% CPU Usage, 20.9 MB (that is MEGABYTE) Memory used, 0 MB’s % Disk usage, and 0 Mbps Network usage.

    You nuts… Perhaps you could have something else in your own systems that is slowing your use of same? Worth considering. I have literally forgotten I had anti-virus on multiple occasions what with the utter lack of issues it causes me in upgrading, scanning, etc. I find it to be a more than acceptable product for home use…

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