AVG reveals Invisibility Glasses at MWC 2015

While people were expecting something very interesting, the security firm AVG actually stumped the audiences at MWC 2015. AVG revealed a pair of Invisibility Glasses today at Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. The actual pair of glasses is a bit different from what it is named. The invisible glasses won’t really make you ‘The Invisible Man’ but will certainly help you to hide your identity in public. In the era of Smartphones and CC TV cameras, when we can’t really hide ourselves from the cameras everywhere, this pair of glasses can truly help you doing so.

AVG Invisibility Glasses

AVG Invisibility Glasses

The pair of invisibility glasses revealed by AVG actually helps you protecting your visual identity in public. These glasses are designed with some special material which make it difficult for cameras to spot your identity.

How it works

AVG claims that, “”Through a mixture of technology and specialist materials, privacy wearables such as invisibility glasses can make it difficult for cameras or other facial recognition technologies to get a clear view of your identity”.

The tech team at AVG has used a series of infrared lights and some retro-reflective material in the glass frame which surrounds the eyes and nose areas of the wearer. This reflective material and the infrared lights together create a reflection when a picture is clicked and makes it difficult for face detecting software to recognize. The snag here is that it works only when camera flash is used for clicking the picture.

The pair glasses might not create a great appeal in the market as it protect you completely. While it is difficult for facial recognition software to identify you, but someone looking at your photo can easily do.

Head over to the official AVG blog to know more about the functionality and availability of these invisible glasses.

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