Azure AD Automated Password Rollover Preview for Social Accounts announced

Microsoft has already introduced several new features in Azure Active Directory to manage company’s social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, using the feature of single sign-on. This lets groups of users of specific department of a company, use the shared credentials to operate Company’s social media accounts.

Password rollover for Microsoft Azure AD

When any employee leaves the organization, it is enough to remove the access permissions of that particular user and everything else can be accessed by the other members. This feature lets you share the credentials with other teams in Azure Active Directory and they can access these social media accounts using Azure AD single sing-on links or Azure AD Access Panel.

This was the case before and Microsoft received good feedback and many requests. The biggest request was to provide the feature of being able to automatically change the password for the company’s social media accounts.

Based on that huge number of requests, Microsoft announced the preview of Automatic Password Rollover and management of social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Now, you can add an additional protective shield to social media accounts by setting the feature of automatically updating them with the new complex strong passwords at regular intervals you define.

As said by Alex Simons, Microsoft Identity and Security Division director of program management,

“This capability helps to further protect these social media accounts by automatically updating them with new strong complex passwords at an interval you define.”

So, from now on there is no need to worry and remember to change the password of your company’s social media accounts. Set and interval and it will automatically update the social media accounts with the strong password.

To know more and the procedure to be followed, head over Active Directory Team Blog

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