Azure DocumentDB Update adds quick start, backups, and firewall to the offering

Azure DocumentDB has been receiving crucial updates lately and alongside these updates the experience and the overall capability of Azure Document DB. The new updates aim at faster setup and promise a working app on DocumentDB in a matter of seconds. Also, Microsoft has launched preview for backup/restore and inbound firewall capabilities and also a bunch of runtime improvements which includes support for geospatial types.

Azure DocumentDB

Quick Start

The Quick Start is expected to give you a personalized sample app which will connect to your newly created DocumentDB account in seconds if you are an Azure DocumentDB user try this by heading over to the quick start menu and linking your existing account. In case your account supports MongoDB API Azure will offer you code snippet for all the major platforms out there thus eventually solving the problems of cross platform compatibility.

The Azure DocumentDB is built using high availability and has the global distribution at its core this is something that allows you to scale throughput across several Azure regions and along with the transparent multi-homing APIs. The writes in the DocumentDB are committed through a quorum of replicas within a local data center and this is further replicated across all the regions that are supported by your DocumentDB account.

Auto Backups

Also, the DocumentDB will take regular backup of your data without hampering the performance or availability of your database operations. Since the backups are stored separately in another storage service and are further globally replicated it is not affected by regional disasters. Furthermore, restoring the databases is easy as one could do it by contacting Azure support.


On the safety front, Microsoft has started offering support for IP filtering and firewall rules in DocumentDB and this will be for both DocumentDB and MangoDB APIs. This also means that customers can configure their DocumentDB account in such a way that it will allow traffic from only a specified list of IP addresses. As we pointed out earlier Azure DocumentDB now supports geospatial indexing and also querying of Polygon and LineString objects. The spatial indexing can be enabled or disabled by making a change in the indexing policy with regards to per collection basis.


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