Battlefield 1943 is the next big title to come to Xbox One Backward Compatibility

With the release of the all-new experience for Xbox powered by Windows 10, Microsoft also announced a feature called Backward Compatibility. With this feature, the games, and software that was meant to be run on the new Xbox experience. This program has been a success as of now because many titles have been migrated and made compatible with the new Xbox One consoles and software. Earlier this month, titles like Star Wars Battlefront, Destroy All Humans, Full Spectrum Warrior, Mx Unleashed, Panzer Elite Action, and Battlefront II, Jedi Academy, Jedi Starfighter, Knights of the Old Republic II & Republic Commando came to Xbox One Backwards Compatibility. And today, Major Nelson from Microsoft took his blog to announce that Battlefield 1943 is coming to Backward Compatibility for Xbox One starting today.

Battlefield 1943 comes to Xbox One Backward Compatibility

Battlefield 1943 is a game based on the story of World War 2 battles of the Pacific Region. The players are enabled to choose a path either of a rifleman, a steel fisted tank commander, or ace fighter pilot dog who will be fighting to protect the skies. The players have an option of playing alone or with their friends to work out the course of the battle.

Battlefield 1943 comes to Xbox One Backward Compatibility

This game can be played using 3 services. If you are an EA Access Subscriber, this game will be available in the EA Access Vault for free of cost. Otherwise, you can buy this game from here. The game is available for $9.99 in the Xbox Live Marketplace. Otherwise, in case you already own the physical disk version of the game, just insert that disk into your Xbox One Console and download it to your Xbox Hard drive using the Internet connection. Thirdly, if you already own the digital version of this game from your previous purchases, just navigate to the ready to install section of your Xbox One and it should be available to be installed.

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