Is the Dorkbot worm stealing your Facebook information?

Facebook which connects millions of people around the world is also becoming a primary source for the spread of Dorkbot worm, first discovered in 2011. Since then, the worm has been spreading through removable drives, IM programs and social networks.


Dorkbot Worm targeting Facebook Users

Dorkbot is currently targeting the Facebook users. How? It is finding its way to victims computers via a chat message that contains a link which upon clicking directs a user to a regular JPG image file hosted on MediaFire.

Although the image looks like a simple .JPG image it is actually an executable and once run, infects the victim’s computer by stopping the installed Anti-virus program from applying security updates.

It then hides itself deep under, updates itself and keeps a close eye on victim’s browsing activities, stealing his personal details when required. Besides, Dorkbot has the potential of downloading additional malware too.

The malware family has been found to be circulating in the US, India, Portugal, the UK, Germany, Turkey and Romania. Earlier Viruses mostly propagated through Facebook scams such as “guess who viewed your profile” and malicious links like Rihanna and Taylor Swift sex tapes, reports

Bitdefender researchers suggest that users avoid clicking on such suspicious links on Facebook chat, even when they seem to be coming from known friends.

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