Microsoft releases new Bing Translator Plugin for WordPress

 Microsoft Open Technologies have released a new Bing Translator plugin for WordPress developers and webmasters. This new Bing translator Plugin allows visitors to translate your site into their preferred language in one click without leaving the page. Thus, users now can see the web pages into their own preferred language without having to go to a translation website as translation happens in place without leaving the page. Visitors simply have to click on the bookmark for translation.


Additionally the Bing Translator Plugin also provides options for a setting a color scheme, as well as an option to allow visitors to suggest translations.

Bing Translator Plugin for WordPress

The Plugin can be found on the WordPress dashboard. Just click on Plugins > Add New and search for “Bing Translator. Also, if you are a site developer then you can manually install the plugin by downloading it from, then adding the “bing-translator” folder in the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.

Once installed there are 3 ways to enable the plugin,

  1. Simply drag the Bing Translator Widget (which was added to your Available Widgets during installation) to any widget-enabled area in your WordPress theme.
  2. Use the Bing button in the UI to Embed a [bing_translator] shortcode into the editor of any post, page, or custom post type.
  3. Add a <?php bing_translator(); ?> PHP function to one of your theme’s template files.

Also in case you would not like some pages to be translated then you have the option to use the `[notranslate][/notranslate]` shortcode.

Through a blog post, Microsoft Open Technologies says,

“The Bing Translator plugin works on any WordPress Site. Yet, the easiest way to get started if you want to develop a new site is with Windows Azure. Sign into the Windows Azure dashboard to get started with a Free Trial”.

You can get it from your WordPress Dashboard or download it from

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