Would BlackBerry benefit Microsoft in any way?

Is a BlackBerry merger good for Microsoft? That’s the question on our lips today after rumors began to swirl of several companies making moves to gobble the Canadian corporation.

We understand that Microsoft, Xiaomi, and several others are hot on BlackBerry’s tale, which means the announcement of a merger could come any day now. However, should this rumor turns out to be true, and Microsoft walks away as the victor, would BlackBerry be a good fit?

BlackberryIn our eyes, it would be because both companies are similar in many ways. Both focuses a lot on the enterprise market and have been doing so for decades. One can say that enterprise is in the DNA of Microsoft and BlackBerry, so having two juggernauts in the business market working together could pave the way for great products in the future.

Both companies are big on security, which means should some of the best minds in security come together, the tech industry could change forever.

Despite the benefits though, we have to take into consideration that Microsoft and BlackBerry are way behind in the smartphone market today. We do not see how Microsoft can see such an acquisition as fruitful unless the aim is to grab talent and technology above everything else.

We could see the security of BlackBerry’s mobile devices working well in Windows Mobile 10 phones in the future. But what will become of BlackBerry Messenger? At the moment, many mobile users have optioned to use WhatsApp, and not even the plan of making BBM available on other platforms could have stopped fans from jumping ship.

Surely, BBM is still popular, but it doesn’t have the same effect outside of BlackBerry’s own platform. Unless Microsoft could find a way to bridge the gap, then we envision aspects of BBM moving to Skype. We see no reason for Microsoft to have two messaging platforms, especially since Skype is widely known.

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