Blackberry says no to BBM Windows Phone app

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  1. I wasn’t really waiting for it, but I know my daughter has been, as I give her my previous windows mobile. This type of attitude from blackberry is why they are not so popular. 3 of our daughters have binned their blackberry’s for other phones, because of the problems they had and lack of apps. It’s odd they way blackberry doesn’t want to create an app for windows, knowing lack of apps is what turned people away from them. I cannot understand why iPhone’s are nearly always the 1st to be supported, when most people cannot afford them, just look at HSBC bank and Sky.

  2. Thanks Ian for your comment 🙂 . I agree that we need same treatment, no matter whether it is iOS, Andriod or for that matter Windows Phone. Not all can buy or like a particular make.

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