Google launches; a central destination for all Google blogs

Seeking consolidation of its various online blog services under a central destination, Google unveiled Keyword.’s Keyword is a new all-in-one source for the latest news updates and stories from inside Google. Keyword Keyword

Keyword is a new platform from Google that consolidates and replaces Google’s 19 existing official blogs. This does not mean other blogs will die a premature death. They all will be retained under single banner – Keyword. Moreover, new products and technologies that Google will roll out in future will find a home here.

We wanted to make it easier for you to find Google’s official word on any given topic. That’s why we created the Keyword, says About page. The service helps to consolidate and replace 19 of our existing official blogs, in English. Over time we plan to expand to include other languages, countries and more. And we’ll be retaining a bunch of our existing blogs for more specific audiences (such as our advertising and developer-facing blogs), it further adds.

The name ‘Keyword’ originates from word ‘search’ that Google uses to unlock information.

Keyword will inform users about latest developments related to Google-like, major updates, big news of the week, etc. In short, the new blog will be a mix of product announcements and coverage of various events. The new service will also replace former Google company blog (’s  Keyword will currently support English language only. Support for other languages, countries is likely to be added in the near future.

Blogging was started by Google somewhere in 2004, before the advent of Chrome, Android, or YouTube. Since then, the company has published thousands of posts across different blogs that it owns and run, until now.

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