Build Apps, get Windows Phone, T-Shirts, USB free! Microsoft India – I unlock Joy program

Microsoft India has launched a new and exciting program for students. Labeled “I unlock Joy“, the program is for students from India above the age of 16.

Here is your chance to unlock your creativity. Build apps for the latest Windows Phone. See its amazing, unique & intuitive user interface design and be a part of it.

If you build 1 app for Windows Phone and launch it on to the MarketPlace, you get a Merit Certificate, a Windows Phone T-Shirt and a 2GB USB Flash Drive

If you build 4 apps for Windows Phone and launch them on to the MarketPlace, you will get a cool new Windows Phone

Make sure you register for this program before 18th November, and that your app gets certified on AppHub and published on Windows Phone Marketplace before 18th December 2011.

No one told you where to go for rules and registration yet!? Go here! 🙂

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