Chakra JavaScript Engine makes advances in Windows 10

The recently released Windows 10 Technical Preview showcases new and key advances in Chakra. Chakra is the JavaScript engine that was developed for Internet Explorer 9 by Microsoft. Ever since Chakra was developed, it has powered IE as well as Windows Store apps which are found in all Windows devices, such as Xbox, Windows PCs, tablets and Windows Phones. Chakra JavaScript Engine has been inserted in IE9, IE10 and IE11 and with every inception, Chakra’s performance was exceptional.

Chakra JavaScript Engine in Windows 10

Microsoft mentions in its blog about the new advancements in Chakra as,

“…this release is a significant step forward to create a JavaScript engine that is highly interoperable, spec compliant, secure and delivers great performance. Chakra now has a highly streamlined execution pipeline to deliver faster startup, supports various new and augmented optimizations in Chakra’s Just-in-Time (JIT) compiler to increase script execution throughput, and has an enhanced Garbage Collection (GC) subsystem to deliver better UI responsiveness for apps and sites. This post details some of these key performance improvements.”

Due to the new advances in Chakra your apps can have a faster startup without making any changes to the site code or the app. Microsoft mentions,

“…these optimizations will allow your apps and sites to have a faster startup by utilizing Chakra’s streamlined execution pipeline that now supports a Simple JIT and multiple background JIT threads, have increased execution throughput by utilizing Chakra’s more efficient type, inlining and auto-typed array optimizations, and have improved UI responsiveness due to a more parallelized GC. Given that performance is a never ending pursuit, we remain committed to refining these optimizations, improving Chakra’s performance further and are excited for what’s to come.”

Chakra’s JavaScript execution pipeline in IE 11 looks like this:

Chakra JavaScript Engine in Windows 10

Among the improvements enumerated are:

  • Improved Startup Performance: Streamlined execution pipeline
  • Simple JIT: A new JIT compiling tier
  • Fast JavaScript Execution: JIT compiler optimizations
  • Previewing Equivalent Object Type Specialization
  • Code Inlining Enhancements
  • Auto-typed Array Optimizations
  • Better UI Responsiveness: Garbage Collection Improvements

You can read more about the new advances of Chakra at this blog post published by Microsoft.

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