Chakra JavaScript Engine in Windows 10 to support asm.js

Windows 10 will soon start supporting the asm.js technology making the JavaScript performance even faster and better in IE. Microsoft today announced via its official blog that the next version of the Chakra, Microsoft’s JavaScript engine will now be optimized with asm.js which will further improve the gaming graphics considerably. windows-10-logo

asm.js is a low-level programming language which includes a subset of JavaScript language. However, asm.js already runs in Internet Explorer but the latest optimization seems to be different. Microsoft Chakra team today announced it via the official blog.

Gaurav Seth, principal manager of Microsoft’s Chakra team, and Ed Maurer, principal group software engineering manager of the Chakra team said in the official blogpost, “While challenging to write by hand, asm.js is leveraged principally by transpiling C/C++ code to run on the Web platform, utilizing technologies such as WebGL and Web Audio. Asm.js is a clear step towards enabling near-native performance for the Web platform, which is why we’re excited to bring it to Chakra in an upcoming release.”

Features of asm.js

  • asm.js optimization boosts the JavaScript execution speed.
  • The subset of JavaScript guarantees interoperability across browsers and platforms. The JavaScript engines which do not support asm.js has a degraded performance as compared to those which do.
  • Makes games run well on the Web

Ed Maurer further said in his blog post that the company has also started working with the team of Firefox developers to know more about asm.js optimization.

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