Changing system date can still get you the free Windows 10 upgrade, say Reddit users

Have you managed to miss out on the free Windows 10 upgrade? That’s a bit odd, isn’t it? The upgrade has been around for a year, yet you failed to take advantage. The free update has been closed since July 29, but some Reddit users say that they have been able to download and activate Windows 10, simply by changing the system date.


Remember back in the 90’s where computer users could continue playing free trial games beyond the end date? The trick was simple, simply change the system clock to a date before the end of the trial, and sit back and watch as the magic happens.

It appears that the same trick applies to Windows 10. Just change the date of the system clock to one before July 29, 2016. This will reactivate the update prompt and ultimately allow the user to download and install Windows 10 for free.

Says meatwad75892 on Reddit:

Yep, works fine. I was able to turn the clock back to the 28th in a VM with a fresh Win10 install, give it a Win7 key, and successfully get digital entitlement to Win10.

Here’s a video posted by forgreathonor:

We’re not certain if this trick really works or for how long this trick will continue to work, and whether or not Microsoft is allowing it to happen. It’s quite strange to see an old and popular Windows trick from the 90’s working in 2016, so of course, we are skeptical.

Bear in mind, however, that if this indeed is working, Microsoft will eventually apply a patch that will stop this system trick from working.

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