China creates own operating system Neokylin

So it seems China has taken one huge step to rid itself of Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Another reason why the company recently treated President Xi Jinping like a king.

The government of China has released a new operating system called NeoKylin, and it is basically an almost complete copy of Windows XP when it comes down to the user interface design and other key components.


We understand that the Chinese had first planned to work with the makers of Ubuntu to get the project up and running. At the time, the operating system was called Kylin, but things didn’t pan out, and the job was sent to Shanghai’s China Standard Software and renamed NeoKylin

We should point out that the operating system is based on Linux and not something built from the ground up. Furthermore, we suspect the reason why they chose to mimic Windows XP, is due to the overwhelming popularity of the operating system in the country.

Over 20 percent of Chinese still use Windows XP, including the government. When Microsoft launched Windows 8 and decided to end the life of XP, the Chinese were not happy about it, and as such, banned Windows 8 from government offices.

To make things even more interesting, Dell is selling computers in China with NeoKylin installed. Around 40 percent of the computer units Dell ships in China are powered by NeoKylin, so right away it is clear that Microsoft executives are ripping their own throats out.

As it stands right now, it would seem the Edward Snowden leaks are having an adverse effect on American companies, and we doubt it is going to end any time soon, because the Chinese are not playing around.

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