China creates own operating system Neokylin

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  1. Saw a video recently at YT on this system, insofar as how it looks/apps; indeed very similar-looking to Zorin and Elementary OS, so maybe China (like India’s BOSS) just wants its XP adherents (older devices) to have a native alternative to Windows, Mac, Linux Mint…current Ubuntu/Canonical is very focused these days on mobile/touch, and maybe couldn’t support long term a new OS built on older kernels for XP users.

  2. According to the the pass history of Chia hi tech developments, I would hold back and watch for a while before making any decision of whether it can be trusted. Copying others software, making changes and giving a different name and looks are Chinese specialties. As for now, I am still will not touch it with a 20 foot pole. Time will tell.

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