China finds Googles HongKong redirect unacceptable

Google currently automatically redirect everyone using to, its Hong Kong search engine. This redirect, which offers unfiltered search in simplified Chinese, has been working well for Google users and for Google.

However, the Chinese government officials find the redirect unacceptable. If Google continues redirecting users in this manner, Google fears that its Internet Content Provider license, which is up for renewal up for renewal on June 30, will not be renewed.

Without an ICP license, Google will not be able to operate a commercial website like in China!

Google would effectively go dark in China!

Google therefore has looking at possible alternatives, and instead of automatically redirecting all our users, it will start taking a small percentage of them to a landing page on that links to—where users can conduct web search or continue to use services like music and text translate.

This approach will ensure that Google stays true to its commitment not to censor our results on and gives users access to all of its services from one page.

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  1. Carmen

    Seems like theyre having a bit of conflict of interests. Sure, censorship is against what google stands for, but making money isn’t, and that’s what awaits them in communist china.

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