China’s, replaces Google Search with its own search engine

In what may considered as a setback to Google’s attempt at further penetrating its search reach in China, has decided to replace its Google-run search engine with its own search technology. is a leading portal and news site said that its contract with Google had come to an end and it instead preferred to develop and implement its own search engine.

The move comes a week after Google said China blocked its Gmail service, a claim China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman described as “unacceptable.”

China frequently bans sites which it feels are not in the interest of its citizens and which also include pornography, gambling and content critical of the ruling Communist Party. It also blocks Google’s YouTube site as well as social  networking websites run by Facebook, Twitter, etc. is the most popular Chinese language portal on the internet, with about 280 million registered users and almost a billion page views per day, reports Brothersoft.

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  1. Though the english portal of site is still using as its search engine!!

  2. Paul Chang

    Better check the Sina’s codes to see if it is a copy from Google. China is famous for coping legal software, change a few coding and look then put on a different name so it can be their own without much hard work.

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