Rogue Chrome extensions from Delta empty your Steam inventory

Blaze’s security firm recently reported about some gambling Chrome extension that may empty your Steam inventory. A Steam user named Delta has reportedly created several Chrome extensions which ultimately empties your Steam steam stealer

These are CS: GO Chrome extensions which include –

  • CSGODouble Theme Changer
  • CS:GO Double Withdraw Helper
  • Csgodouble AutoGambling Bot
  • Improved CSGODouble

These extensions instead of changing your theme or helping you with Counter Striking or Global Offensive tools, these extensions steal the items in your Steam inventory and add it into the scammer’s inventory. Check out the list of Chrome Extensions made by this scammer here and report them to Google right away.

What is Steam Inventory

For those who don’t know, Steam is a special platform developed for gamers who play all sorts of PC games. Users use it to buy and distribute games online, manage the game across multiple computers, in-game voice chat and much more. Users can find their friends to play a game with, create and connect with different groups, join matches and tournaments online.

The steam inventory is the tool where users can view all of their in-game items or guest keys, gifted to them by other players. The games and items in the Steam inventory are tradable.

The Steam ID of the scammer Delta is 76561198254328724, however, has a trade ban currently but some of his extensions are still available in the Chrome store.


To disinfect or remove this Steam Stealer from your Steam profile, all you have to do is to remove the Chrome extension from your web browser or you can also reset your browser.


SteamStealers and scammers are not new and the best way to prevent such scam is to be careful before downloading or installing any add-on or extensions. Check out the Blaze Security Report and do keep an eye on the Spyware, Malware, and Adware interfering with your Steam.

Stay Safe.

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