Chrome overtakes Firefox in South America, breaks 20% globally

Chrome is on a gallop and has overtaken Firefox in South America and is running neck-to-neck in UK.


StatCounter is reporting that Chrome now has a global market share of 20.7%, Internet Explorer 44% and Firefox 28%. Safari is at 4.42% and the once popular Opera is languishing at 2%.

In the US Chrome has a share of 16%, IE 46.5% and Firefox 24.7%.

Chrome had a 3% market share around 2 years back and the growth in its adoption is pretty impressive.

One wonders what could be the reason for Chrome’s phenomenal growth! What do you think?

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  1. Asrartheone

    Good News. Would love to see Chrome overtake Firefox globally. Its invisible update procedure, being exceedingly fast and and a clean interface makes Chrome12 and IE9 my favorites.

  2. thinsmek

    I would like to see beautiful Firefox and functional Chrome combined! !

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