Chrome Time Machine celebrates 4 years of the browsers launch

To celebrate 4 years of launch of the Google Chrome web browser, Google has launched a website that will let you track Chrome’s journey for a better web. The Chrome Time Machine lets you travel through key moments in Chrome’s history over the past four years.

Once the website loads the contents, you have to scroll or hit the forward arrow to see what’s next! You can navigate from 2008 to the present and along the way view the highlights in Chrome’s journey.

You may even uncover a special birthday gift from the Chrome team, if you find the hidden clue and type in the secret code.

As you use Chrome on more devices, we remain focused on providing you with the most secure web experience possible. Building on four years of security work, recent improvements such as more robust plug-in sandboxing and Safe Browsing for downloads ensure that your browsing is more secure than ever before says Sundar Pichai, SVP, Chrome & Apps.

The popularity of Chrome among Windows users has been increasing by the day. It has already overtaken Firefox as the most popular alternate web browser for Windows and is closing the gap with Internet Explorer too. Google Chrome now enables you to access your web, everywhere, whether you’re on a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer – you can have the same consistent experience no matter where you go, just by signing in to Chrome.

Head over to the Chrome Time Machine website to check it out.

Happy Birthday Chrome!

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