Citicoin – Citigroup’s own Bitcoin coming soon

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  1. Watch out everyone, Shitticoin, from Shittigroup, by Shittipeople is a-comin’ yer way! Make sure to flush well to get rid of any Shitti remaining cling-ons from this upcoming monstrosity.

  2. It’s sound like a nightmare, another “coin” isn’t the idea behind Bitcoin that there are a common internet currency, why start yet another one, then we have the same nightmare as the currency horror we experience in the “real” world.

    Then there will be currency trading and because of that there will be yet a group of currency speculation types, that can bring a single currency to bankruptcy.

    Another playground for the ones that brought the economical crises to the western world in 2008 and forward.

    This looks like a nightmare, and I can only agree with c4p0ne and jinbit Citygroup are not made of matter from the light side, rather form the dark side.

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