Claim your free Xbox One S Kinect Adapter now if you upgraded to Xbox One S

Xbox One S is a slimmed down version of original Xbox One so it does not include a port for the Kinect motion tracker. You need a separate adapter to use the Kinect sensor present on the console. Several retailers are offering the adapter for a price of $ 40. However, if you are an early adopter of Kinect design, Microsoft has got a deal for you. The company is running a promotion scheme where you can get the Kinect Adapter for free only for a limited period.

Xbox One adapter
The Xbox Support team, that manages information requests from Xbox users is distributing complimentary adapters upon submitting the request. The adapter lets you connect your Xbox One Kinect Sensor to the Xbox One S console.

Claim free Xbox One S Kinect Adapter

If you have an old Xbox One, a Kinect and have recently purchased an Xbox One S, place all of them in place and then navigate to the settings section of both the consoles then, ‘All settings’

Next, scroll down to find ‘Systems’ option, choose ‘Console and Updates’ and locate the console number and serial ID.

Next, go to the Microsoft Support website and register your consoles and Kinect sensor. It’s advisable to register Xbox One consoles and Kinect sensor online prior to the call so that the Xbox supervisor can quickly pull the serial numbers from your Microsoft account.

Later, fill up the online Kinect Adapter fulfillment form. For this, you will require serial number for all three devices which you have recovered in the earlier step. Make sure you have correct and complete information at hand, contact Xbox Support and request your free adapter. When prompted for serial numbers, provide them with the correct information.

Please note that the delivery of the free Kinect Adapter may be delayed by 3-4 weeks.

Don’t wait, claim your free Xbox One S Kinect adapter today!

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