Clip Layer is Microsoft’s new app that lets you share information easily

Sharing information on mobiles devices has increased since the world shifted to smaller, portable devices for communication. Copy paste is one of the most common methods used by people around the world to spread certain information with others. From the Microsoft Garage bandwagon comes a new app, Clip Layer for Android, that makes it easy for you to share the information you want to from your mobile device.

Clip Layer for Android

Clip Layer for Android

With Clip Layer you can easily snip and share almost anything that appears on an Android screen. This app applies a universal overlay over your screen making it quick and easy to select a snippet of information, copy it and act on it by sharing or including it in an email.

This app comes as a solution for the absence of a universal method of doing the task in the exact same manner. A lot of Android apps are inconsistent and might not allow you to copy the text or save an image. Clip Layer is thus the answer to all your continuity problems with sharing information.

“There’s been a lot of growth with smartphones and ecosystems, as there are more apps that come into stores, but the same problem keeps persisting: less apps able to talk with each other, as they’re designed to work independent of each other. But while the keyboard is focused on input and only shows up when the app allows input, Clip Layer has more coverage and works on any screen” said Steve Won, a senior designer with Microsoft’s Office team and creator of Clip Layer.

Microsoft Garage has always been the outlet for Microsoft teams around the world to get experimental apps and projects out to the public, such as several recently developed by interns, as well as Video Breakdown, Arrow Launcher, Trip Tracker, Sprightly, News Pro 3.0 and Color Binoculars.

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