Cloudflare to launch Warp VPN service

When someone says its April 1st, the first thing that strikes us – a troublesome date. The day has been celebrated for several centuries by different cultures, but its exact origins remain a mystery. Having said that, many companies want to move past this tradition and carry business as usual. Cloudflare is one of them. The web performance and security company has announced a new free VPN service called Warp. Cloudflare says the service will become part of the company’s existing privacy-focused DNS resolver.

Warp VPN Service

Warp VPN Service from Cloudflare

Apart from keeping your online privacy safe (that’s what it is built for), Warp attempts to improve the connections speeds and reliability over typical VPN connections. Also, the service has been built around WireGuard, that is faster, more efficient and more reliable than conventional VPN protocols. It is an improved and open-source VPN protocol.

Beginning today, what you can do is claim your place in line to be among the first to get Warp. If you already have the App on your phone, you can update it through the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. If you don’t yet have the App you can download it for free from Apple or Google. Once you’ve done that you’ll see an option to claim your place in line for Warp. As we start onboarding people, your position in line will move up. When it’s your turn we’ll send you a notification and you’ll be able to enable Warp to experience a faster, more secure, more private Internet for yourself, wrote Matthew Prince for Cloudflare blog.

A good feature about Warp is that it does not require users to install a root certificate on their devices. It uses a UDP-based protocol that is optimized for the mobile Internet. The company also promises users that their browsing data won’t be sold or used for targeted advertising.

Given the fact, the VPN service is backed by a company that bears the reputation of being one of the largest networks on the planet; Warp can deliver fast connections to users all over the world. Cloudflare is also working on Warp+, a premium version of Warp that is likely to be available at a nominal monthly fee for people aspiring for more speed.

For more information, visit Cloudflare Blog.

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