Microsoft announces Code Browser with Github integration and One-click Azure Deployment

Microsoft Docs has developed a search or sample code browser where you can find relevant code examples to get started. It covers almost all the Microsoft products, and the best part is that it search codes on Github right from here. We also noticed that there are a lot of codes around Azure. If you want to test it, one-click Azure Deployment makes sure you can do that without any delay.

Code Browser with Github integration

Code Browser with Github integration

While you can you the new code samples browser, here is the list of features available with the code browser.

1] One-click Azure deployment

You can instantly deploy code to Azure from the page in a click if a code is Azure compatible. It works when it hasĀ a built-in Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates associated with them.

2] Download Sample Codes including from GitHub

The repository has integration with GitHub. That makes it a great option to discover thousands of open source codes seamlessly. When a listing is displayed from GitHub, you can download sample code or visit GitHub directly. The best part is that you can download the code without having to close the entire repository,

Sample codes on the repository are not easy to find. They are buried under folders. However, with this, you can click on the browse code, and it will take you directly within the GitHub source instantly!

4] Instant search results and filtering

When looking for the right sample, you can use both keyword search and in-page filters. It makes sure you get to the correct code faster.

It is good to see Microsoft keep adding great new features for developers. Not only this search console will help those with a need for Azure codes, but the GitHub integration is fantastic. You can directly go to the even better code.

As of now, few filters are missing, including XAML, UWP samples, search using tags, and needs more context-based search.

Via Twitter | Visit Sample Code Browser for more.

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