Compare Google’s search results before and after the algorithm change

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  1. saqib


    I am a Technology blogger my Blog url is wrote about technology news views and review. have not seen any change on my blog taking Thanks to my content.


  2. zero

    Don’t use Google! Gave up on that poor excuse of a search engine many months ago. Google is a dying engine!!! It’s rubbish, Google is.

  3. Usman

    I own a few websites and blogs but didn’t see any drop in my keyword rankings in the last few days. I hope the change will fully reflect during March. I’m still in shock that some very good sites like, and have been hit badly by this algorithm change ..

    Just a suggestion, although I’m a regular reader of thewindowsclub and also review and quote the utilities made by thewindowsclub, I would like to have some way to follow the comments here .. something like subscribe to comments etc.?

  4. Joe

    Sounds great. Should help keep the quality of websites up as they should be anyway.

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