A Computer OS is different from a soda can, says Microsoft to critics

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s big bet. Some are raving about its new user-interface plus features and how it works like a charm especially on tablets while others are quick to dismiss it off as a failure. Genuine feedback is always welcome, but Microsoft fears that many of the folks expressing against the operating system haven’t given it a genuine honest look.


“In this world where everyone is a publisher, there is a trend to the extreme – where those who want to stand out opt for sensationalism and hyperbole over nuanced analysis. In this world where page views are currency, heat is often more valued than light. Stark black-and-white caricatures are sometimes more valued than shades-of-gray reality.” – Frank X. Shaw, Corporate Vice President of Corporate Communications at Microsoft

Stating that ‘weak signals are easily amplified’, Microsoft underlines that a computer operating system is much different from a soda can and it caters a different experience to different customers all the while focusing on improving the product much better with open ears for genuine feedback. Maybe it’s time to focus on the centre rather than on weak nuances, it says.

“In the center, selling 100 million copies of a product is a good thing. In the center, listening to feedback and improving a product is a good thing. Heck, there was even a time when acknowledging that you were listening to feedback and acting on it was considered a good thing.”

Microsoft believes that Windows 8 is a great product and is poised to be even better in the near future. New devices will emerge; new data will lead to new use cases and in turn new experiences. There will be consumers who’ll agree strongly. There will also be users who’ll disagree strongly.

Microsoft has a point here, in my opinion. Use a product/service genuinely in true form and the feedback that comes out of it is always in good spirit, helping improve the product even better. Not focusing on the centre/core and instead ranting about the few features that you’ve used is considered naïve, immature and just doesn’t contribute except for increased page views. You get the point, no?!

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