A Computer OS is different from a soda can, says Microsoft to critics

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  1. this is hilarious .. that means the positive feedback that came for windows 7 was also a joke ? What a kindergarten thinking by author !

  2. There is little question that Microsoft thinks Windows 8 is great and possibly it is, only time will tell. They want people to change their ways of doing things and rush in to adopt their way of thinking. Not good! In my view They just rammed it down our throats with no help or transition. When one is faced with this kind of change, it soaks up a lot of time and productivity to try and relearn everything and if you’re working it’s time you don’t have.

    People, in general, oppose change. When Ford discontinued the model T people had a difficult time accepting the new technology. Many couldn’t, wouldn’t and didn’t accept it. If Microsoft had provided a good way to transition to their new way of doing things it would have been much better. It appears that they only had the portable market in their sights when they could have easily provided for both and gradually transitioned everyone. Even a short basic manual would have helped tremendously, but no they didn’t which shows very little concern for the customer. Not every one is a techie and wants radical change all at once.


  3. When did we ever day that? Or Microsoft? Here, primarily the kind of feedback was stressed upon, with a finger pointing to those who go out and trash a product without giving it much thought and/or use. It’s pretty simple. Positive feedback is of course always welcome, given that it holds ‘credibility’. Simple enough for a ‘kindergarten’ kiddo to understand too 😀

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