Microsoft brings Contre Jour game to the web with HTML5

Contre Jour initially an iOS game and ‘iPad Game of the Year’ winner has now come to Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8. Microsoft announced that it has teamed up with the developers of the popular game to bring it to the web with HTML 5.

Contre Jour on Internet Explorer 10

The Physics-based puzzle game derives its name from the French phrase Contre Jour which means ‘against daylight’. Its main character is a one-eyed creature called Petit who’s on a mission to save his love – the Rose. Your task is to complete the clever puzzle and propel Petit to safety. The game has been designed by Maksym Hryniv, a Ukranian developer.

When the Microsoft team first approached Mark and insisted him to try the game on Internet Explorer 10, he felt reluctant. It is not easy to bring all the elaborations of the game to the web, he thought and therefore planned to start by just developing ten levels. However, as soon as he played the game on the tablet using IE 10 he was amazed.

Mark realized most of the elements in the game are drawn dynamically using just math and physics on an HTML5 canvas. And only hardware accelerated browsers such as IE10 can stitch these canvases together to create the fast and fluid experience. So, soon thereafter, he went on creating more levels.

The game has 3 chapters, each including 10 levels. All the levels in the first two chapters work in any modern, HTML5-compliant browser but the third chapter requires multi-touch support. And currently, there’s none desktop browser that offers best multi-touch support, except Internet Explorer 10.

With Internet Explorer 10, these immersive experiences appear to come to life, making content shine and providing the best experience on the Web, says Microsoft.

You can play the game now at

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