Control Panel will be phased out in Windows 10

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  1. Mark Newman

    God, what a nightmare. I’ll die without the traditional control panel. The settings gizmo is totally inadequate for my needs and doesn’t encompass any of the actual changes that I want to make to my computer. Microsoft really do want people to start using Apple, don’t they!

  2. Bob

    I completely agree!

  3. Don Burn

    Have Microsoft ever heard the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

  4. Mick

    The settings panel can’t possibly contain all the countless options you find in the control panel, so I don’t quite see how the migration is supposed to go. Will they just take away more than half of the customization options currently available? Or are the average users supposed to learn tinkering with the registry? It’s absurd!

  5. Farmers (Mansfield)

    So long as the new Settings will encompass ALL the options currently in the Control Panel, doesn’t really matter. At present it falls far short of that, so it’s not ready.

  6. Elijah

    What about troubleshooting?!

  7. Sascha Grebe

    Another new market for third party software. Now that the Start Menu is back they all will clone the Control Panel

  8. Olive_Oyl

    Microsoft, in the guise of Gabriel Aul, have completely lost the plot. Settings and Control Panel are already a pain, not knowing where things are. So now they want to make the PC look more like a phone or tablet by calling it “Settings”.

    Get Mark Russinovich for CEO! Sort out this rubbish, Mark, and get Microsoft back to where it was before the Vista disaster.

  9. James

    Microsoft creed, is based on greed.

    Which is why, you cannot find or do,

    the things you need!

    At this rate, Linux will replace them!
    Ubuntu, Linux Mint, they are looking better by the day!

  10. John Nolan

    I’m wondering if ‘God mode’ might not be a useful workaround until they get ‘Settings’ perfected, and I SINCERELY hope they get around to putting the appropriate settings together properly when they do it. The one thing that burns a lot of people about Windows is having settings for one common thing spread all over the place and having to drill down through menu layers to get to them.

  11. herny gunn

    It’s already a task to even connect to my Bluetooth printer; I have tried all solutions and still haven’t connected. if anyone has a solution please post it.

  12. Steve Humphries

    Yep … I’m getting tired of MS myself … looks like I’m going back to Window 7 just to have control of the updates … I think the way their going they will eventually shoot themselves in the foot. When Windows 7 is no longer supported other OS will become more popular like Ubuntu (which is free). Really hate not having control over the updates (their options are ridicules). Example: I do not use Windows Defender but it keeps updating and downloading files and installing taking up time & space on the hard drive for nothing. I want the choices back … I want control of my device that I bought and paid for! Their excuse that we more connected now is just plain ridicules.

    And now by embedding the key code in the computer its self they made it easier for somebody to just walk off with your computer … since the key code is now embedded in the computer itself. They don’t even need to have their own paid copy of windows. They can simply format and download a copy from MS install the software. They are not going to have a data base of stolen computers are they to catch these thieves? Now they have a free computer plus a free OS. They made it even easier for the thief! They’re doing this for themselves and screwing their customers. There will always be criminals that can get through the loops hole of any tech. But this was just plain stupid on MS part.

    After working with Windows 10 for a while I’m really disgusted with it! At this point I advise not to install it … keep Windows 7 or even 8.1 for as long as possible … heck keep using it even after it’s not supported. Just disconnect from the net when not using it. New software these day are not getting much better … there just getting more noisy and up in your business. Start learning other alternative like Ubuntu it’s totally free!

    Since their going this route of turning the computer to a phone or tablet then people will just do the same by breaking them as they do these devises. So MS all your doing is creating more so call law breakers … and screwing you’re 90-95% of law abiding customers (assuming these figures) … that all! At any rate … this number will decrees if they keep going this route.

  13. Phate

    I’m doing a great deal on funerals for when the control panel is discontinued.

  14. Phate

    What a pack of whingers & move with the times, The settings panel works perfectly ok with a mouse.

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