Copy, the Fair Cloud Storage service announces 15GB free for all

Copy, a multi-platform storage company backed by Barracuda, has announced increased online storage for its own Copy users from 5GB to 15GB. First Google, and now it’s Copy that announces increased cloud storage for its users from 5GB to 15GB.The move, definitely, is inspired by Google’s recent announcement, that storage for Gmail, Drive and Google+ would be combined thereby increasing the online storage to 15 GB, but it seems to be offering  more than others.


The announcement, comes just within 90 days of its debut, as Copy approaches half a million users worldwide.

In a Press Release, Mr. Guy Suter, GM storage, at Barracuda Networks said

“We think Google’s effort here is great, and we are eager to join in by providing current and new Copy users with a matching amount of free space,” We believe people deserve lots of storage to realize the full benefits of using the cloud. They also should be able to control what files count against their capacity. For our part, Copy’s free space now at 15GB, our awesome referral program, our incredibly low-paid storage plans, and our ‘Fair Storage for All’ initiative are all aimed at helping people do more amazing things”.

Thanks to Copy Referral Program and “Fair storage for all” Initiative, the free services on offer looks more interesting than the competitors.

Referral Program — In possibly the most rewarding referral program in cloud storage history, Copy users can earn 5GB of additional free storage for both themselves and the person they introduce to Copy for each referral, with no limit on the total capacity they can earn. The average Copy referrer has earned well over 60GB of free storage, with the largest referrers earning space in the 10s of TBs.

 “Fair Storage for All” Initiative — Instead of counting data in shared folders against all members’ individual storage quotas so everyone pays for the same data over and over, Copy allows users to “split the bill” and control which files count against their storage capacity.

Copy, remains one my favorite cloud service because of its connectivity support to multiple devices. Currently I use it on my Android mobile, and I know it works well on Apple iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad). Soon, Windows Phone users will have it too.

Visit here to sign up and enjoy 15 GB free.

Hope you enjoy this free service, don’t forget to share your experiences.

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